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Forest School is both an ethos and a practice that through hands-on practical experience builds confidence, self-esteem and a deeper connection with nature. It is free-flowing and child-led and gives participants the opportunity to take supported risks appropriate to their surrounding environment and to themselves.


At Happy Wild Ones we belive that play is at the heart of forest school and so providing spaces and opportunities for children and their families to PLAY OUT MORE is at the heart of what WE do. We offer family sessions, parties and seasonal events and if we can help you create at forest school play space at your setting we offer consultancy packages for this too so please do get in touch.

forest school


forest school


half term

Weekly forest school sessions, on Mondays and Fridays at Frylands Wood in Croydon for children aged 18months-5years with their families, parents, grandparents and carers.

Gorgeous woodland forest school birthday parties for your little wild ones, let the children’s imagination run wild!

We run a variety of events and holiday club sessions that celebrate seasonal changes and special times of the year. 

When children physically PLAY, when they move and jump and run and repeat their PLAY, when they have freedom to PLAY their brains are growing, they are creating new neurological pathways mapping out the functions for it’s survival. When they feel the world, when they breath it and live it they understand they are part of it.

PLAY is one of the fundamental things that a child can do, it is through PLAY that we become ourselves.


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