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The MORE we do something the MORE it becomes second nature meaning we build a fundamental connection that becomes deep rooted, even necessary to our existence.

When our brains make repeated new connections, the cells actually create new pathways to make space for this information. So the MORE you do something the MORE your brain is actually growing.

Physical movements play a huge part in developing neurological pathways. A baby songbird is not born with the ability to sing. From the moment it is born it begins to move its beak in a way that triggers neurological messages that map out the path for them to finally be heard.

As humans in this sedentary digital age the potential for repetition using technology means we are addicted to connecting to everything via screens but this doesn’t serve us well. If we are not connected physically to our environment we will have no need for it. Without the need for nature there is no need to save it. By allowing ourselves and our children to have MORE time outside using the tiniest fine motor skills to the largest of leaps, repeating exposure, repeating movements, outside, means we build these powerful connections.

And MORE doesn’t have to mean endless, impossible, un-achievable, MORE can mean 10 minutes, 5 minutes, even 2 minutes. Outside reflecting can actually change our day, our mindset and make us healthier as well as building those vital connections to our natural environment.

So next time you think “What should we do now?” It’s easy, just take a step outside your front door, breath in and out and think about the vital connections you and your children are making.

And then, do it MORE.

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