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Spring is all about new beginnings a time to embrace change and new life. It is the season we celebrate OSTARA the Spring Equinox. It marks the turning point when daylight begins to over take the darkness and from this point onwards days are longer than nights.

This year it occurs on Saturday 20th March, on this day everything in the world is in perfect balance because the day and night are the same length. Over the years the equinox dates in spring and autumn have passed me by. We always seem to be so busy, rushing around trying to fit too much in but if I have learnt one thing over the last year it is to slow down and take time to appreciate life. So in the spirit of new beginnings I am going to make a conscious effort to embrace these seasonal mid points and do something special with my family.

Here are some ideas of things you can do to celebrate:

1. GO on a spring walk and see what you can spot. The lovely Rachel Gale and I have created some “Spring Things” colouring in and spotters sheets for kids.


2. BRING spring flowers into your home , tulips, daffodils and hyacinth. Embrace the colours and joy they bring.

3. DRAW nature. The act of observing and drawing brings a deeper connection and this connection to our natural world brings with it a deeper love. When we love our natural world we want to protect it. So find something lovely to draw like those spring flowers and see how much more you and your kids love them once you have taken some time to examine them in detail and put that onto paper. As if you needed any help to love spring flowers anymore!

4. GROW some seeds or beans or cress. I love to grow butterbeans in jam jars with a bit of cotton wool so the children can see all the roots. This is a good time to talk about growth and new beginnings.

5. READ - Hooray for Hoppy! This is my favourite spring book to share with your kids. Using the five senses to discover the signs of spring.

6. MAKE clay bird decorations and hang them on branches. I have a massive bag of clay that we use for all sorts of things. If you keep it air tight the clay will last for years!

7. COOK a family meal together, choose something you all love and that celebrates the abundance of spring, Wild garlic pesto pasta is a total fav here During your meal talk about what new things you could try this year.

We hope you enjoy these ideas and find a moment to celebrate the Spring Equinox with your kids x

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