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This year the Summer Solstice is on Monday 21st June

This is the day that the sun is in the sky for the longest amount of time. It is also known as "Litha" which is an Anglo Saxon word for "midsummer."

In olden times bonfires were lit on the top of hills to represent strength , light and heart of the sun. Some places still do this today!

It is a wonderful uplifting celebration in which we can be grateful for th suns presence , vital to life on earth for everything and warming our souls and giving us inner stregth too.

Celebrate by getting up early to watch the sun rise, playing outside as much as you can, and lighting a fire to acknowledge the light in our world.

A lovely craft for kids to help celebrate the Sun and the Summer solstice is to make a SUNSHINE PLATE.

  1. cut groves into a paper plate at 12, 3, 6 and 9 o' clock

  2. wind yellow and oragne wool in a criss cross pattern around the plate

  3. go on a sunny summer walk and collect natural summer treasures to decorate your plate.

  4. tie ribbons at the bottom of the plate and hang in your widnow to celebrate the sun.

Make sure you wash your hands after picking weeds and wildflowers and make sure you only pick things that are not poisonous. If you're not sure what something is, don't pick it!

We hope you enjoy these Summer Solstice celebration plates and find a moment to celebrate the Summer Solstice with your kids x

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