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Woohooo! Sunnier longer days are approaching and I don’t know about you but the kids being back at school, the vaccine rolling out at an expanding rate and the promise of being able to be with loved ones again has definitely put a spring in my step!

I pretty much love all the seasons in the UK for their beautiful variety, each with it’s own glorious set of treasures but Spring really embraces the beginning of hope and light doesn’t it? A time of discovery and delight and there is nothing kids enjoy more than a proper scavenger hunt. And if you can wind this into your Easter celebrations even better!

My absolute favourite is this one I created that celebrates all the sign of spring and includes a beautiful keepsake for your kiddies to use on scavenger hunt again and again.

You will need :

  • 6 little boxes each with a piece of paper with the name or picture of one of the signs of Spring.

  • colouring pens or coloured wool (one piece of wool for each child playing) in red, orange, yellow, green, blue & pink.

  • a disc of wood or stick

Collect all these items together, fill the boxes in the order below and hide along with the corresponding coloured pen or piece of wool.

RED - Birdsong - I use a small toy bird that sings when you press it’s belly to hide with this - (birds sing more in the spring time as they are having to be really social in order to find a mate)

ORANGE - Catkin - Find a catkin to hide in the box.

YELLOW - Daffodil - I use a picture of a daffodil but you could put in a small one.

GREEN - Buds - I put a small bud inside the box.

BLUE - Bluebell - I just use a picture of one here as you shouldn’t pick bluebells because they are protected.

PURPLE - Crocus - I use a picture here again as they are so easy to recognise by there vibrant colours.

Once they are all hidden in your garden or the park or the woods, it’s time for the hunt. As the children find each box they can either colour a mark on their piece of wood for the sign they have found OR tie a piece of wool around the wooden disc for the sign they have found instead. Once they have found all the boxes & signs they will have a rainbow decorated piece of wood to keep. Then they can take it out on another walk or hunt to see how many signs of Spring they can spot in their garden or local area. Can they use the colours on their disc to remember all the names of the ones that they found?

I am sure they will have loved creating this keepsake but if their chocolate fix has not be satiated then surely one a little chocolate egg is justified?

Let us know how you get on! x

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