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Brilliant Bug Book

I love a good nature book, for me or the kids and I found this the other day 'Bug Detective', it's brilliant. It's basically fun facts about mini beatss that will make your little ones eye stand out on stalks and of course encourage lots of mini beast hunting which is THE BEST!


SPIDERS often make a web a day so instead of wasting their old webs they eat them!!!

Some ANTS herd caterpillars, just like a farmer herds cows. They take them out in the day to feed them on leaves, then keep them safe in the nest at night. In return the ants 'milk' the caterpillars for thwir delicious honeydew. (YUM!)

The longest WORM is the African giant earthworm which can grow to nearly 7meters long. (WHAAAAAT?)

CENTIPEDES can bite you....with their legs!

Each page is about a different critter and there is a handy glossary at the back too.

Oh and it comes with it's own magnifying glass! My children fought over that!

Still, I'd definitely reccomend it and you can buy it here.

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