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the great Beech tree secret and how to find one!

This weekend we were in Norfolk and discovered something spectacularly exciting. Whilst on a walk through the forest we were looking at the ident qualities of the Beech tree when we discover it had a secret.

Beech trees are really simple to ident as they have very slender straight buds which always spread at 60 degrees to the fine zig-zag shoot. They have glorios copper coloured beech leaves in Autumn time and the fruit is beechnuts which are held in a prickly four lobed casing.

It was in these empty shell of the nuts that we found the tree's secret. We spied a ladybird hanging on top of the outside of one of the shells

but on closer inspection we discovered that every single beechnut casing hanging on the tree housed a cluster of the gorgeous little red garden friends. There they were huddled together, waiting for the world to warm up and Spring to arrive.

Such a special treat!

See if you can find a Beech tree and spot some ladybirds nestled in the nuts!

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