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Make a boat and launch it!

Next time you visit somewhere that has a river or stream or a pond have a go at making a little boat.

Find a flat piece of bark or a leaf, make a mast and find somerhing you like for cargo.

It is great for understanding the current and flow of water, for balance and precision. Developing those fine motor skills and creativity and aids that all important determination. It doesn't matter how long it floats for, be prapred for it not to it's just about having a go and seeing what will float! You don't always have to have a mast either, sometimes just finding things you like and putting them on a good old piece of bark or strong leaf is enough. Here is our boat treasure.

And dont' forget to name your boat! Boats are always female. Ours was called Gerty. So go on, go and make a boat and let us know how you get on!

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