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I don't know about you but I am feeling slightly more frazzled with lockdown his time. The juggle of two different live lesson timetables and everyone here ALL THE TIME is intense, given the accompanying weather too! Eeek!! We decided straight away that we would make sure we did a sort of “school run/commute” every morning before we all started work. We just scoot or walk round the block and try and observe any changes or notice something different about our journey everyday. It is great to get out, even in the freezing cold or pouring rain to get that blood pumping before a day in front of the screens. The kids are really good about this little routine but by the end of the day when it’s time to get out again I sometimes still have to dig deep to drag myself out, let alone the kids. I’ve found having a purpose really helps! So I’ve put together a few little ideas to help you and your wild ones have mini adventures in your area everyday.

1. FIND THE PERFECT STICK - what makes the perfect stick? Is it bumpy, super straight, has it got knobbly bits or little extra branches too? Go on the search for your perfect stick! Can you wrap it in wool and give it a cosy jumper? Maybe you can fix on some eyes when you get home?

2. JOURNEY STICK - using your perfect stick, tie a piece of string to one end, a bit like a fishing line, then take it on your journey. When you spot something you like the look of use the wool wrap into the stick and so on until your stick is covered in lots of natural materials you have collected on the way.

3. COLOUR YOUR WALK - take out some colouring pencils and a small note pad. As you walk just “colour” your feelings. Don’t think about it too much just choose the colour that jumps out at you. I like to have them all in pocket the children can see for easy access and inspo. You’ll be amazed at how colourful your journey really is! Sometimes my two like to colour colours they see too.

4. TAKE OUT A "WINTER THINGS" SPOTTERS SHEET - created by me and the lovely Rachel Gale these are seasonal spotters sheets for your little wild ones to take with them on a walk and tick off the things they spot. JOIN OUR MAILING LIST TO GET ONE! There’s one for each season so watch out for the Spring Things one coming soon too!

5. COLLECT SOME HANGING DEAD WOOD - hanging dead wood are twigs and branches that are hanging in limbo in the trees waiting to fall to the ground. I.E. they aren’t growing or attached. This wood is excellent to use for kindling because it is air dried. Never collect wood that’s been lying on the ground as it is far too wet. If you have a fire at home or in your garden it is a fun way to gather kindling to use on it and gets little eyes really looking around them, plus you have the promise of a toasty fire for them when you get home!

6. BIGGEST / SMALLEST - choose an object, pebble, twig, leaf, who can find one bigger than it, who can find one smaller?

7. MATCH BOX COLLECTING - not sure why this is item 7 as it is my absolute favourite and kids love it too. Take a tiny match box out or we use a tiny pot and fill it with as many different small things as you can find…I love how there are actually SO many more mini natural treasures than you think, even at this time of year!

8. COLLECT RAIN WATER - another fav with my kids. Give them a large yoghurt pot or cup and collect as much rain water you can from the sky! Or trickling off trees and rain dripping from roofs.

Let me know if you use any of these ideas and how you get on!


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